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Non-woven Materials Used in Various Protective Clothing

In the medical working environment, there will be dangers such as germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acidic solutions, salt solutions, and corrosive chemicals. For these hazards, protective clothing is needed to protect the entire body of the staff. So, what are the characteristics of protective clothing? What non-woven fabrics are used for various types of protective clothing?

1. Breathable protective clothing for basic protective work

It is suitable for automotive, aviation, food processing, metal processing, mining, oil and natural gas operations. It is generally a head-to-toe hooded jumpsuit, and the cuffs and trousers are tightened. Protective clothing is required to effectively block the entry of dust and solid particles in the operating environment. It should be comfortable and breathable, and not easy to fall out of dust. Strong protection is also required to block light splashes in low-risk areas.

The fabric selected for this protective suit is SMS non-woven fabric. In the structure of the SMS material, the structural characteristics of the ultra-fine meltblown fiber layer and the high-strength spunbond non-woven fabric layer make the material have certain hydrostatic pressure resistance and air permeability, and these properties also form the basic isolation performance of the SMS material. In addition, SMS non-woven fabrics have barrier properties and are used in various protective clothing products, including medical protective gown, industrial protective clothing, and chemical protective clothing.

In addition to SMS non-woven fabrics, there are also PE film composite non-woven fabrics, breathable film non-woven fabrics and spunbonded non-woven fabrics that can be used as fabrics for medical protective clothing.

2. Medical protective clothing

Medical protective clothing is the work and protective clothing for medical staff. It is mainly used to isolate germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acid solutions, salt solutions, and corrosive chemicals.

Characteristics and uses of medical protective clothing´╝Ü

(1) Ordinary PP non-woven protective clothing

It is made of PP spunbond non-woven fabric, which is characterized by: breathable, dustproof, non-waterproof, good tensile strength, and the difference between the front and the back is not obvious.

(2) Laminated non-woven protective clothing

The fabric is a film-coated non-woven fabric, which is characterized by: airtight, waterproof, good antibacterial effect, and a clear distinction between the front and the back. The side in contact with the body is non-woven fabric, which is not allergic and feels good. There is a layer of plastic film on the outside to prevent liquid leakage, which is used in places with pollution and viruses. The main use of the infectious ward of the hospital is the film-covered non-woven protective clothing.

(3) SMS non-woven protective clothing

The three-layer composite non-woven fabric, with a waterproof anti-bacterial layer in the middle, and the dot SMS non-woven fabric on the outer layer, which is strong and tensile, with isolation, waterproof and breathable functions. SMS non-woven fabrics are used in surgical gowns, surgical grapes, isolation gowns, laboratory gowns, operating suits, non-surgical masks, and visitor gowns.

(4) Breathable film non-woven protective clothing

The material is made of PP polypropylene and covered with PE breathable film. Because of its strong air permeability and better anti-permeability, it has high impact resistance while resisting a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion. It does not support combustion, is non-toxic, non-irritating, and harmless to the skin. It is bacteria-resistant, waterproof, slightly breathable, and soft in texture. It is the most advanced medical protective clothing. Its characteristic is that the sweat of the human body can radiate outwards, but the harmful gases and moisture from the outside cannot invade. In addition, breathable non-woven fabrics are also used in surgical gowns, surgical drapes and isolation gowns.

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