• May 7, 2021
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The Order of Removing Gown and Gloves

At the end of the procedure, the gown is always removed before the gloves to prevent cross contamination of the wearer’s scrub attire. The circulator can assist by unfastening the neck and back closures of the gown. The scrub person:

1. Grasps the shoulders of the gown, pulls it downward from the shoulder and off the arms, and turns the sleeves inside out;

2. Folds the contaminates surface of the gown on the inside and rolls it away from the body; and

3. Discards the rolled gown in the appropriate receptacle.

As the gown comes off it usually turns the cuffs of the gloves down. To removes the gloves the wearer uses a glove-to-glove and then a skin-to-skin technique.

This approach protects hands from the contaminated glove. The scrub person:

1. grasps the under cuff of the left glove with the gloved fingers on the right and pulls it off inside out;

2. slips the ungloved fingers of the left hand inside the right glove and slips it off inside out;

3. discards the gloves in the appropriate receptacle; and

4. Washes hands and arms with soap and water.

Removing the gloves after removing the gown prevents the bare hands from contamination that would usually occur from handling the soiled gown.

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