• May 10, 2021
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When and how to wear disposable aprons

Microbial contaminants found on the work clothing of health professionals are a significant factor in cases of healthcare-associated infections. Disposable, single-use plastic aprons are therefore recommended for general clinical use when close contact with the patient, materials or equipment may lead to contamination of uniforms or other clothing with microorganisms, or when there is a risk of contamination with blood or bodily fluids. If there is the possibility of extensive splashing of blood or bodily fluids onto the skin or clothes of health professionals, fluid-repellent full-body gowns should be worn.

Applicable occasions for disposable aprons

  1. when cleaning isolation areas;
  2. when undertaking general cleaning, including wards and basins in public areas;
  3. when cleaning bathrooms, washrooms, toilets, basins and bathroom floors;
  4. when working in catering departments, ward kitchen areas and patient food service at ward level. Local policies should be consulted.

The procedures to put on and take off an apron

Applying an apron

  1. Perform hand hygiene.
  2. Remove an apron from the roll or dispenser. Open it outwards ensuring the inner surface faces the patient to prevent any contamination on its outer surface coming into contact with the patient.
  3. Place the neck loop over your head.
  4. Position the apron to cover as much of the front of your body as possible.
  5. Fix the apron in place by tying the waist straps behind your back.

Removing an apron

If disposable gloves are being used, they should be removed first.

  1. Break the neck loop and waist straps.
  2. Roll the apron downwards from your chest so the contaminated outer surface is folded inwards. Avoid touching the outer surface of the apron with your hands.
  3. Dispose of the apron in a hazardous waste bin.
  4. Perform hand hygiene.

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